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› blah blah! ‹ [11 Mar 2008|09:24pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I can't wait for vacations!
But ther are still three loong days to go >.<
and of course adults want to take advantage of their little time left and explote us innocent students with their devil-plans xD
like.. extra homework for example -.-
But I've got lots of free time without videogames, so I've managed to do it all BD yeah I'm a hero, I know xDDDDD
That's why I'm relaxed 8D
Almost all my classmates are freakin out because of the hard work xD but not me (well, I am bout for other reasons) And they com to me for help! yeah I have the control now! xDDD It's so weird being the one they come for help o.o I'm more used to be the one that asks for help xD not because I'm slow, it's because I'm freakin lazy! On written exams I do pretty well, because it's just you, your knowledge and a paper. But I don't do homework. Well, I used not to do homework.

Enough of school chatting.
So, here comes a little secret: I have played. I know I said I wasn't going to play, but I have xD Today I got like 4 scenarios, Capt. Falcon, two demos, and cleared the first 20 events n.n But I did do my homework (a looong something about family problems o.ô) so the playing time was dramatically coutted out u.ù
Then I played against my sister owó
I don't know if I like or not playing with her o.o
She's younger than me, but she's a though fight 9.9 We are even xD it highly depends on who she's using and who I'm using. She specializes in Marth and Ike, and I play with Link and Pit. I figured that when she uses Marth I'll have more chances if I play as Pit and fight Ike with Link BD yeah I'm smart! >w< If I succeed to trap her and make her play this way, is more likely I'll win. Otherwise, she will.
And I don't know what got to me that I played the classic with Ganondorf. I rarely use him, because he's incredibly slow and heavy! so I decided to leave it in normal n.n'
But Ganondorf surprised me. He's even slower now, but somewhat easier to use. I got it through better than I did with Link! He has demostrated his right to be called the weilder of the triforce of power BD
But it wouldn't be a good idea to use him as my formal character, because my sister loves to use Marth's speed against me x.x
But I enjoy using Pit's superior speed against her TuT she's not used to get stuck because I used to play with Roy, who's clearly slower than Marth but stronger than him. That's why I beat her with Pit vs. Marth: speed. I'm not used to Pit's weakness, though. He has no specially powerful attacks, but he's the one that flies the most, I believe (more than kirby!) With a five.times-jump and then the special with some shiny wings x3 I can recover even from under the stage 8D

I would love to continue with this, but gotta go 0.o
my parents just arrived home and I'm not supposed to be here xD

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› no plans ‹ [10 Mar 2008|09:57pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Ok, her I am now to continue the last entry, that I wasn't able to finish because of destiny stuff..or whatever.
Ya know? I'm starting to love my mood thingys :3 haha Subspace emissary cutscenes rules BD!
Ok, it's been 22 hours since the last time I played it. I'm trying to be good and obey my parents orders (although they are inhuman and cruel! xDDD) so I`ve got no plans of playing. I don't want them to get mad at me just before a non-deserved trip, that surprisingly hasn't been canceled :D I can play on weekends, though n.n I think I'll have to be happy with that.
Yesterday (Sunday) I played.. 8 hours...not enough >.< But I managed to unlock Marth (Maaaaaaaaaaaaarth!), Luigi (mm..no big celebrations..),
Falcon (I'm not a fan xD), Ness ( I think he's cooler now), Snake (whoosh! I want to learn to use him! I'll kick ass x3) and Ganondorf.
I don't remember the stages xD
And I want to try out the online play! I've got friends numbers, written in a pathetic piece of paper, waiting to be used xD
They'll have to play without me. u.u Hahaha I'm kinda dramatic owo
yeah, just losing time xDDD
Maybe this week I'll come with icons :D the killing little graphics *0* I would be no good if I just waited here for someone to start talking me xD
But anyway, I'm kinda talkin for my self, and it's...refreshing I guess xD

Sorry for my bad English, by the way! It's not my native language, but I'm trying my best! >.<
But I don't need to apologize since I'm talking to myself afterall BD

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› finally! ‹ [10 Mar 2008|09:03pm]
[ mood | high ]

I slept five hours in order to go early and make the line,
and lie to my parents about it (lately I'm not doing well at school, so they don't allow me to play videogames in the week) I supposed I wasn't allowed to buy any videogames either, but in the end my sister finished of telling them the truth, but they just laughed because of the line I did and because they kinda knew already o.o'

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› not my day ‹ [07 Mar 2008|08:48pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Yeah, well this was absolutely not my day -.-
Not an origina title, I know, but I was not in mood to think of a better one u.u
So, This is my first entry, so consider it some kind of experimental thing, just to
see how it looks xD
I'm going to probably make this Friends-only, because I want to! bwahahaha
I don't think anyone will add me (I wouldn't o.o) but feel free to ask n.n

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